Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dec 07, 2016

ORIX METRO Leasing and Finance Corporation Group of Companies believes that corporate ethics is fundamental to the success of one’s business. 

It is committed to uphold a reputation of transparency and responsible corporate governance and at the same time, be mindful of its role in providing a fair return to its shareholders.

Guided by the principles of its parent company Metrobank and ORIX Corporation of Japan, ORIX METRO strives to be responsive to the needs of society.  It takes part in effective and sustainable projects that focuses on the environment and activities that support nation building. 

ORIX METRO also takes part to secure partnerships with other viable organizations that have socially relevant programs with far reaching impact.

The year 2012 marked the time that ORIX METRO Leasing and Finance Corporation became involved with a mangorve reforestation project at the untamed shores of San Miguel Bay, in Barangay Cagsao, Camarines Sur. 

Through the assistance of Center for Ecosystems and Protected Area Management, a non-profit non-governmental organization, ORIX METRO managed to donate 100,000 propagules to reforest the diminutive mangrove trees in the said area through employee volunteers in the head office and branch offices with the assistance of local barangay personnel, the Sangguniang Kabataan, and students living near the area. 

This project was initiated to support the people living in the area, particularly the residents who are at risk during storm surges where they can lose both their homes and their livelihoods. The mangrove forest protects shorelines from soil erosions and acts as a buffer from typhoons and storm surges, waves, and floods.  It also serves as a nursery area for fish and other marine animals and other species that can be utilized by the community. 

The mangrove plantation is the first large-scale corporate social responsibility project of the company.  It will be a living legacy and a continuous testament of ORIX METRO’s commitment to protect and clean coastal waters, thus pursuing a more sustainable low carbon development path in order to bring down the current global carbon concentration.